Flat panel light introduction

    Honlu side-view flat panel light is a high-end interior lighting fixture, and its outer bracket is made of an aluminum alloy material with anode oxidation treatment such that the light box not only has an appealing beauty, but also solves the heat dissipating problem associated with LED light sources. The light source uses a high lighting effect, high reliability, and high consistency SMD lighting strip. The light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmissivity in order to form a uniform plane lighting effect such that the light uniformity is great. The light is also gentle and bright without creating any discomfort while at the same time being able to relieve any stresses to your eyes. The overall lighting fixture that is beautiful, clean, and elegantly designed so that it not only provides an excellent lighting effect, but also provides a comfortable feeling to the user. The product uses side-view technology adapted to television backlight modules. With a consideration for green lighting design, it is environmental friendly in terms of its material, low power consumption, and its ultra-thin design. It has all this while having an illumination efficiency and luminous flux much greater than conventional grid lights.

Flat panel light product feature

Lighting fixture property:
No glare, no flickering, no light dots, gentle, and comfortable light for eye stress relief and eye protection;
Absolutely slim and light:
the lighting fixture has a thickness of only 0.8 mm and has a wide application of usages;
Environmental friendly and energy saving:
High efficiency and energy saving, with no infrared or ultraviolet light, and low thermal effect;
Uniform lighting:
light horizontally emitted outward with uniform distribution and a wide angle of illumination;
Reliable endurance:
over 40,000 hours of useful lifetime, and low light decay;
Installation method:
people friendly design for easy installation, and is applicable to both recessed installation or hanging installations;
Driving mode:
uses a constant current in driving mode and has a power factor;
Modification solution:
uses high quality and high brightness LEDs as the light source so that it is highly efficient, energy saving, produces no glare, no flickering, and uniformly lights surfaces. Uses material with light transmissivity reaching over 92%; and it's covered with aluminum alloy shield with high thermal conductivity. It has a useful lifetime over 40,000 hours and is many times greater than that of the conventional flat panel light;
wide voltage input:
Low maintenance cost:
can be used for a long term without replacement in order to reduce the labor costs.

Flat panel light specification table

Model number SG6060 SG60120 SG3030 SG3060 SG30120 Remarks
Dimensions 600X600 600X1210 300X300 300X600 300X1210 Unit: mm
Power 40W 78W 10W 20W 40W Can be customized
Color Temperature 2500K-7800K  
Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra ≧ 80  
lm Luminance 3040 6080 800 1600 3200 Change with the total power
Light color White, Warm White, Cold White Can be customized
Input voltage 100-240V/50-60HZ  
Power factor PF>0.9  
MTBF MTBF :40000 Hours  
Weight 2.82Kg 5.50Kg 0.75Kg 1.6kg 2.9kg  
Flat panel light BSMI certification document
Lighting fixture efficiency comparison table
Electronic features and lighting fixture names T8 light tube T5 light tube SG6060 flat panel light
Comparison between LED flat panel light and conventional mercury light
Lighting fixture type T8 lighting fixture T5 lighting fixture LED flat panel light
Light source lifetime 3000 hours 8000 hours >4000 hours
Working temperature middle at 65 ℃/two ends at 88 ℃ middle at 62 ℃/two ends at 83 ℃ rear plate temperature <45 ℃
Rated power/Actual consumed power 80W/100W (ballast included) 56W/64W (ballast included) 38W/40W (ballast included)
Power efficiency factor 0.35 >0.99 >0.9
Illumination angle 120 degree 120 degree 120 degree
Energy saving efficiency analysis (based on a 50 ping office- 12hr/day-NT$3.99/degree-300 days/year as a standard for calculation)
Lighting area in ping/number of installations required 1ping/50 units 1ping/50 units 1ping/50 units
Suggested cost for each lighting unit / space NT$750/$38000 NT$900/$45000 NT$200/$100,000
Electrical degree readings for using each lighting unit /space 1080 degrees/54000 degees-3 years 691 degrees/34560 degrees -3 years 432 degrees/21600 degress-3 years
Power consumption cost for each lighting unit / space NT$4309/215460-3 years (for business use) NT$2757/137894-3 years (for business use) NT$1426/71280-3 years (for business use)
Power consumption ratio power consumption of T8 is 2.5 times of LED power consumption of T5 is 1.6 times of LED comparison standard
Material costs for 3 years-entire office 8 tubesx40x50=$16000 4 tubesx$60X50=12000 0 tubes/0 dollars
Total costs for 3 years (lighting fixture, replacement parts and electrical bill) NT$269,460 NT$194,894 NT$171,280
Comparison of total cost for 3 years T8 is NT$98,180 more expensive than LED T5 is NT$23,614 more expensive than LED comparison standard