Introduction of Honlu Light Guide Plate Features

The advantages of our company's digital printing light guide plate:

a. Self-researched and developed light guide ink, capable of creating a light guide plate with high adhesiveness, high hardness, and high brightness.

b. The inkjet printing process requires no advanced manufacturing of plates or development of molds. The manufacturing process is flexible and is not limited by the product's size. Therefore, such processes can meet the demands of manufacturing small quantities but with great diversity, and with the most optimal efficiency according to different needs of the customer.

c. The light guide plate manufactured by the inkjet printing process is of sufficient illumination and uniform lighting such that it is suitable for lighting purposes and applications of various light boxes.

Development of ink and optical scattered dots

The distribution density of the microstructure (as shown in the figure below) on the light guide plate is the main factor affecting the amount of luminous flux. Therefore, the design of the density of the scattered dots on the light guide plate cooperating with the ink is a key feature in the main product design.

Customized light guide plate manufacturing

Since we have developed our own UV light guide ink along with our extensive experience in the digital optical dots distribution designs, we are confident in completing the sampling and manufacturing of light guide plates for our customers in a swift manner. The products we provide can be applied to LED lighting and light boxes of various sizes.

Currently, the maximum light guide plate surface area we are able to manufacture is 1960 x 1460 mm with a thickness of 0.1 ~ 90 mm. We can offer customized products and can accommodate requests for small quantities large diversity in manufacturing.

Three-part assembly for LED lighting optical modules

Product description:

A diffuser plate, a light guide plate, and a reflector film with excellent qualities are the three most important assembly parts in a flat panel light. We provide professional services, and by choosing our products, we ensure greater performance for your LED flat panel light.

Product introduction:

Three-part assembly for LED lighting optical module:

     a, Diffuser plate
     b, Light guide plate
     c, Reflector film

Please refer to the following illustration. The positions of the diffuser plate, light guide plat,e and the reflector film are arranged in the order as shown below:

Material and specification of three-part assembly

Product Material Thickness HAZE T T Reflectivity Transmissivity
Diffuser plate PS 1.5T 99.55% 66.25%    
Light guide plate PMMA 3T,4T,6T,8T…       92%
Reflector film PET 0.188T     97%