Introduction of Honlu Technology Co., Ltd.

Honlu Technology Co., Ltd, was established in May 2003, and is primarily specialized in the research and development as well as manufacturing of various types of UV optical cements, and the design and manufacturing of various types of light guide plates for backlight modules. Our company values a commitment to trust, professionalism, and cooperation along with a professional attitude and fast and passionate service for our customers. We mainly provide the following products: UV liquid optical cements, UV hard coat resins, UV optical inks, and other various types of UV optical resins.

In addition, Honlu has also successfully developed a light guide jet printing process through the utilization of industrial jet printing machinery to manufacture large-size light guide plates (light guide plate area surface: 200 cm x 145 cm) without the need for the development of molds, a significant advantage in the printing process. Furthermore, light guide plates of various sizes can easily be customized for manufacturing. Therefore, the light guide plates manufactured by us can be used in applications such as flat panel lights and operable thin light boxes for lighting purposes.

In recent years, we were authorized as the sales distribution representative of carbon fiber products for Formosa Group. Our company has started to engage in industrial applications for high performance composite materials to cope with the development trends of being slim, light, and with high functionality. The carbon fiber distribution department of our company is specialized in the promotion of carbon fibers for using such a key material in applications like electronics, information, sports, recreation, transportation, mechanics, consumer daily products, and other industries. This new material has the ability to strengthen the industry's quality, and expand the diversity of industry operations as well as the vertical integration of its products. We look forward to growing with our customers, to satisfy the design needs for new products of our customers, and to establish a competitive business edges together.